Apple iPhone Repairs

iPhone Repair Services for iPhone SE, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus.

Services we offer are; iPhone front & rear camera replacement, LCD screen replacement, Rear cover replacement for all iPhone models. Ditto charger port replacement, earpiece jack replacement, vibrator, volume button and on/off switch, home button, water damage repair, system restore and iPhone unlocking.

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We Repair All Kinds of Apple Phones, Mac book & Tablets. We provide trusted repair services. So feel free to get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Apple iPhone Repairs

Repair & Component Replacement Center. We are an Apple iPhone Repair Service Provider with highly qualified and experienced technicians to troubleshoot and resolve all issues with your Apple Macintosh devices. We use only genuine Apple replacement parts. Free collection and return throughout

Repairs & Physical Damage | Cracked screen (front only) | Liquid or water damage | Buttons not working | Screen or display quality | Unable to hear through receiver or | speakers | Cannot lock or unlock phone | Unable to update or restore | Cosmetic issues or questions Battery replacement | Unable to power on | Battery questions or | troubleshooting | Power adapter not working as expected | Unexpected shutdown or restart | Application or system is unresponsive | Charging tips or troubleshooting | Display not working as expected | Not starting up as expected | Apple ID & iCloud | Reset Apple ID password | “Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons” alert | Activation Lock | Forgotten passcode or disabled device | “Your account has been disabled in the App Store and iTunes” alert | Finding out more about Apple ID| Using Apple ID with iCloud and iTunes | Using an Apple ID with Book Store | Using an existing Apple ID on App Store | Device Performance | Unable to update or restore | Application does not respond or quits unexpectedly | Device slow or unresponsive | System performance slower than expected | Unable to send or receive emails | Forgotten passcode or disabled device | Error message during update or restore | Installing, restoring or uninstalling software | Syncing photos | FaceTime not working as expected | Unable to connect to mobile network | Unable to activate iPhone | Poor mobile signal or connection | No signal from AirPort or Wi-Fi Network | “No Service” or “Searching” in status bar | “No SIM” shows in status bar | Activation or setup with wireless carrier | Calling, voicemail or other phone functions not working as expected | Update, Backup & Restore | Troubleshooting iCloud storage | Unable to update or restore | Restore device to factory settings | Forgotten passcode or disabled device | Updating iOS | Purchasing iCloud Storage | Troubleshooting iCloud restore | Troubleshooting iCloud Drive | New iCloud storage tiers and pricing | Apps & Features | FaceTime not working as expected | Mail questions or troubleshooting | App doesn’t work as expected | Using Find my iPhone | Application does not respond or quits on launch | Application is missing | Bluetooth connection or pairing issue | Third-party application quits unexpectedly or stops responding